Does Yahoo is Going to Close Yahoo Mail? | Yahoo Mail Talk

We all are aware of the webmail. Undoubtedly we can say that we are living in the era of electronic mails. Where we are aware of various email clients in the email market. We all are aware of Google and there services definitely. One of the most aware and used services of Google is Gmail Posta in Arrivo 1 . Gmail is the webmail service that is accepted widely. But did we ever noticed, the other email service present in the email industry, for example, Yahoo! Yahoo stands for “Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle”. Here “Hierarchical” represents how the Yahoo database was organized in layers of subcategories.

Jerry Yang and David Filo founded Yahoo in 1994. Yahoo is one of the webmail services provided all over the world. Yahoo was the first webmail service of the 1990s era. Yahoo! Used to be the search, internet engine in the starting days. Yahoo does support other services like Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo search, Yahoo news, yahoo videos. In 2005 Yahoo used to serve approximately billions of views worldwide. But after some time Yahoo introduced its webmail service, as Yahoo mail. Email address for the mail service end with

Is Yahoo Still Working? | Yahoo Mail Talk

In the era of Facebook and Google, it is difficult to operate a dominant search engine. Presently Yahoo is owned by the organization named Verizon Media.  Yahoo mail uses a low HTML version and simple graphics, thus it doesn’t require any kind of internet services or any bandwidth.

Yahoo stopped providing the service since “January 31, 2019”. But at the time they upgraded the latest version of Yahoo Mail. Currently, Yahoo is taken over by Version organization. Verizon, meanwhile, may or may not continue to keep the name of the  and Yahoo Mail or dub the instant messenger as Yahoo Messenger.

Previously Yahoo announced the Yahoo services or you can say Yahoo group is going to be shut down from Monday, October 21onwards. They informed that after October 21 the groups will not be able to contact, it won’t support any upload of new content as well.

The following type of content will be removed from Yahoo services:

  • Documents Files
  • Polls
  • Attachment Links
  • Photographs
  • Sub Folders
  • Calendar
  • Other Database
  • Separate Attachments
  • Chat / Conversations
  • Email Updates
  • Message Digest
  • Chat or Message History

If we dig harder inside you will get to know Yahoo is not going be completely shut. But the private and public groups won’t be able to use it or will be difficult to download. For that, they need to make the request and once the request is accepted you will be able to download it without any difficulty.

Now if you are worried about your data, files, pictures in that case you need to download all the files and other data, and before your versions stop supporting your database, save it somewhere else. After shutdown, the Yahoo group will have minimal capacity to send a few emails or connect a few groups.